July Favourites | Books, TV, Films and More

Top Favourite Picks of The Month for July

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is, my July favourites. The month of July was a pretty hectic one but inevitably had a lot of positive outcomes. The beginning of the month started with a bout of bad news but things did start to pick up. My girlfriend and I both applied for new jobs, we both got interviews for them, and we both got job offers for them! That is why July has been a hectic month. Nonetheless, I still have plenty of favourites to discuss so lets jump right in.

My Favourite Book For July


July as a reading month didn’t get me very far, I manage to only read a couple of books in the month of July. My favourite being Bossypants by Tina Fey, you can read my thoughts by clicking here. The book was an exploration of Tina’s life and about how she has made it this far. It was written in 2011 and so she hasn’t seen how much further she has progressed. She has well and truly become an icon for women and men across the world.  She is a comedic genius and this book does not fail to show that. Throughout she is adding jokes here and there. I will also advice that it is important to read the small print. By which I mean, read the foot notes because they will often explain just what she means and are hilarious.

My Favourite TV Show for July


There were many TV shows that me and my girlfriend watched in the month of July but to pin point a favourite would be pretty simple for us. It has to be Glow. This hilarious show has just the right balance of heart-warming comedy and women’s wrestling. Who would have thought that a tv show about 80’s women’s wrestling was what we all needed? Alison Bree is amazing in it, although her character can often at times be a little annoying. Her hair is also awful but it was the 80’s so we have to give them that. Our favourite character is Carmen or Machu Picchu, she is just so adorable you can’t not love her. We are excited or a second season, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet.

Some Honourable Favourites for July

Music – Dodie!! We got tickets to go and see Dodie live in October! As part of her YOU tour she released some dates in Nottingham and we managed to snap up some tickets. She is also releasing her EP which is incredible. My favourite song so far is Party Tattoos.

YouTube – Minnie Small has become a new favourite of mine. If you are looking for sketching tutorials or just general inspiration for journaling or organisation tips she’s great.

My Favourite Film for July


Swiss Army Man! I know that the film came out a while ago but we only recently bought it on DVD and we saw it for the first time this month. It is so completely weird but absolutely wonderful at the same time. If you are a little weird and not freaked out by poop and talking dead bodies you should give this film a watch. It’s so funny but it has got some heartfelt values at its core. Hank spends the film teaching Manny what it means to be normal and through this we realise that normal is actually an entirely weird concept but we accept it because it’s what everyone does.

My Favourite Purchase for July


My favourite purchase was an item of clothing, sports leggings. Anyone will tell you I am the least sporty person but I’ve wanted some for a while and I had been looking at a pair in H&M and it just so happens that they were on sale. £9 instead £25, why anyone is spending £25 on a pair of leggings is beyond me but they are really comfortable and are perfect. I am very happy with these. They have pink roses printed onto them so they go with a lot of my t-shirts which is just what I wanted.

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