Bloom by Estée Lalonde | Anxiety, Dogs, and Beauty

Estée Has Written a Blooming Brilliant Book

The first time I had ever heard of Estée Lalonde was when I had been watching Lucy Moon videos and she had collaborated with her. After that I had watched a sprinkling of her videos and now I’m a super fan. So I picked up her book. Can I also just mention that the cover of this book is stunning? In fact the whole book is so pretty it makes all the other books look like garbage. Anyway, I picked up her book not knowing what to expect. From what I knew of it, it was sort of like a book with tips and advice on different topics, which it is. More than that, it is also a biographical book.


There are some elements of this book you can read and feel that they would have been quite cathartic for Estée to write. I think that’s what makes this book special. It wasn’t ‘I’m going to write a book for the sake of it’ it was a ‘I’ve wanted to do this, so I’m going to do it right’.

Dogs, Anxiety, Beauty and Fashion in One Neat Package

This book literally has everything, no stone was left unturned when she was writing this book. There’s advice for people who surfer with anxiety, advice on getting a dog, advice on beauty and fashion, advice on cooking, travelling, and the list goes on. If you are looking for a book that can tell what staple wardrobe items you need but also how to adopt a dog this book is the book for you.

Joking aside, this book is so heartfelt. You can tell that everything she is saying is honest. She wants you to take her advice because her past self didn’t. Not that she would change anything about who she is now. But if any of us had a time machine we would go back to our younger self and let the know it’s okay to do whatever you want, wear whatever you. Because if anyone laughs at you instead of with you, they are no friend of yours.


Helpful Tips I Picked Up From This Book

That I need to buy a house with a bath in it because it’s killing us. In all seriousness, having a routine that relaxes you is something that I want to start getting into. I get to a point in the week where I feel run down and not great, those are the times I should have a spa session.

My girlfriend and I already knew we wanted a dog, and we had said that our first dog would be adopted but this has made me want to adopt a dog even more. Knowing how loving they are and appreciative is all you could ever want from a dog, and cuddles of course.


Leaving the house, even if it’s for five minutes. If you can get outside, get some fresh air then that will be good for you. I already knew this but having someone point blank say ‘this makes me feel better’ puts it more into perspective. Of course, having a dog will make that much easier.

I have made this book sound like a massive ad for Adopt a Dog but it is a lot more than that. There’s travel advice, body image advice, so much. It’s okay to be scared of the big changes in life but it’s those big changes that will make your life better. Reading this book made me feel okay to be scared sometimes, because change is scary, and sometimes being scared lets you know you are doing the right thing.

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