June Favourites | Books, TV, Film and More

Top Favourites for the month of June

Yes I’m jumping on the band wagon and doing a monthly favourites series. I think that have a monthly favourites series is an easier way of consolidating all of my current favourites into one quick and simple blog. I have never done one of these before but I’m going to be splitting up into sections/ themes.

June has been a strange month for me in my personal life. It has been filled to the brim with stress but at the same time the summer sunshine has brought with some relaxing moments. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, watching a fair amount of television. I haven’t really had the opportunity to look into the make-up/ beauty side of things. I did purchase a concealer palette at the beginning of the month but it’s not very good and therefore does not make it into this month’s favourites.

My Favourite Books for June

This month I finished a book by Marina Keegan called ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’. The story surrounding the publication of the book is a tragic one. Marina sadly passed away in a car accident, she was a keen writer and was set to be the top writer for our generation, or at least that’s what I believe. The book is a compilation of essays, short stories and poems that Marina had written during her time at Yale. She writes so compellingly, I truly believe that she had travelled to the places she had described, that she had lived the lives of the characters she had written. I would have loved to have read her debut novel.

I feel like she is my favourite writer of late. The fact that I won’t be able to anticipate her next book, or eagerly await for next article publish breaks my heart. I can only imagine how her family must feel. Reading this book makes me want to write, makes me want to do better and be better. It makes you want to live life while you can and live it to its fullest potential. Don’t half arse it because you have no idea how long you may have left on this world.

My Favourite TV Shows for June

From my previous blog it will come as to no surprise that my favourite TV show this month is Anne with an ‘E’. A Netflix series that has adapted the tale of Anne of Green Gables. It is an extraordinary tale of a very unordinary child. Anne Shirley starts her journey travelling to a family she thinks wants to adapt, the only downside of this is that the family she is going to actually want a boy to help with the labour on the farm. The trouble and antics ensue. It is a rollercoaster of emotions and at its heart is the extremely loveable Anne of Green Gables.

This series had me hooked from the very first episode. I struggle to pull myself away from it. The show establishes strong values and has a greater meaning for women and men alike. That you shouldn’t just do things because someone has told you to, you should do things because you want to. ‘Every thought had to be modern once’ – Matthew Cuthbert.

Some Honourable Favourites for June

  • Music – Paramore’s new album, After Laughter. So far my favourite song is Rose-Coloured Boy. I really like it, don’t know why. Just think that it is a good song.
  • Snack – My favourite snack for this month has been shortbread biscuits. I have been staying at my nans recently and she always keeps it well stocked.
  • Beauty – Now this isn’t a new product but it is one that has been my favourite throughout these hot days. And that is the Clinique chubby eye shadow sticks. They are really easy to use and are very light which has been perfect for this hot weather.
  • Gadget – Again, heat related, and that has to be a hand held electric fan. A God send in this weather and at only £1.50 from Morrison’s you can’t say no.

My Favourite Film for June

Now, this film was not released in the month of June. However, it is my favourite for this month and that is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I had read the screenplay when it was released but I never got the chance to see the film. My girlfriend and I had decided to go to the cinema she wanted to see Moana and I wanted to Fantastic Beasts, so we compromised and ordered pizza. I loved the screenplay, the storyline was really intriguing.

A lot of people were surprised by the dark twist with child abuse. Isn’t that what Harry Potter starts with? His life is filled with abuse, he is a slave to his aunt and uncle. His room is a cupboard under the stairs, they beat him and use emotional torture. If that isn’t child abuse I don’t know what is. My favourite aspect of the film was seeing the creatures brought to life, your imagination can only go so far. So to see them fleshed out through the art of CGI was truly fantastic.

My Favourite Purchase for June

I recently purchased a skirt from Primark and I am in love. It is a denim button down skirt with embodied flowers and birds on the sides. The colours used for the embroidery are muted pinks, mustard tones and deep blues and greens. It goes with lots of different tops that I have and it has been perfect for the extremely hot summer we are having. I will try and attach a picture so you have more of an idea.

For £12 it is the best purchase I have made. Not only is it really pretty but it has given me more confidence. It is definitely something I wouldn’t have normally purchased. I feel like this skirt is quite a statement piece, it can be transformed depending on how you style it and is good for a majority of occasions.

2 thoughts on “June Favourites | Books, TV, Film and More

  1. Holly Reader says:

    The Opposite of Loneliness sounds amazing and truly sad but in a life affirming way.
    Fantastic beast was amazing! I’m supprised that people where supprised about the child abuse in fantastic beasts! As you said the opening of Harry Potter???? Also Harry Potter always has dealt with dark topics!

    Looking forward to your next month!

    • l4u74 says:

      Holly!! Thank you for commenting. You have summed up The Opposite of Loneliness in the most perfect way.
      I know! I was watching someones review of the movie and they said that they were shocked by how dark it went with the child abuse. Had they even read or seen Harry Potter?? but then a lot of people in comments were agreeing. It was very confusing.
      I’ve put this one up so late, I need to crack on with July’s pretty soon 🙂

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