Anne with an ‘E’ a Netflix Review (Spoiler)

Anne with an ‘E’ is wonderfully inspiring 

I have been perusing my musings for this one. Anne with an ‘E’ is the new trending series from Netflix, adapted from the classic tale Anne of Green Gables. I would like to start this review prefacing the fact that I have neither read the book or watch the 1985 adaptation. So I went into this series completely blind. In fact the only hook for me was the stunning poster image. Apart from that I knew nothing.

From the very first episode my eyes had been opened to the world of Anne Shirley, or rather the now Anne Shirley Cuthbert. The first episode is an hour and thirty minutes special. Do not fret the rest of the episodes are only an hour long. However I do wish they were all as long as the first, I could watch this show forever and ever. Watching Anne’s journey unfurl is captivating. At first I thought that I wasn’t going to like this preppy, linguistic child. I’ll hold my hands up I found her a little annoying. I was on the side of Marilla, she needed to hold her tongue. But oh my how glad I am that she did not. I think the moment I fell for this sparkling child was the moment she stood up to Rachel (Mrs Lynde).

The Lessons That You Can Learn From Anne

I think Anne is the perfect role model for girls. She may worry about the way she looks and the way she acts but she is not going to change. She doesn’t want to change. Unless she wants to change for herself then she will not be budged. Anne is the red haired, skinny, smart, beautiful, funny, brave icon that girls should be aspiring to be like. Of course she has her flaws, she can sometimes talk too much but she knows that. And she was a little insensitive to gilbert but she apologised the moment she realised she had done wrong.

Here are just a few lessons I think that we could all learn from Anne:-

  • Appreciation – You need to appreciate the things you have because there are people in the world that will always have it a lot worse. If you are loved you can want for little more after that.
  • Use Your Words – We as the human race have an amazing ability to be able to voice our opinions, our feelings. You may argue that we are not the only species to be able to communicate emotion. That’s not what I mean, humans can feel a complexity of emotions which are often hard to explain. It is all about finding the right words. We have an extensive vocabulary. Use it.
  • Dare To Dream – Anne has the incredible ability to imagine herself as anyone or anything, anywhere, in any situation. It shows great levels of empathy, a truly admirable quality to possess. She dreams big, aims high and yet some of her dreams are as simple as to own a pretty dress and have a family that loves.

The Unspoken Hero of Anne with an ‘E’

My absolute hero of this tale has to be Matthew Cuthbert. He is a man of few words but says everything he needs to and wants to with a look. You can tell that he adores Anne. When he timidly puts it to Marilla that they could keep her. He is so shy but unbelievable bold. Working hard and saying very little, he keeps his head down. When he chases Anne across the country to bring her home, it is a truly tear-jerking moment when he refers to Anne as his daughter. From that moment on, she was forever a Cuthbert.

I think that he learns a lot from Anne. He learns to speak up for himself a bit more, to take in the beauty of the land, and to be brave. In the final episodes he has extremely touching moments with Marilla, which was lovely to get an insight into their family life. I think for many years the lived for each other, now they both survive for Anne. The moment he tries to take his own life broke me. It showed us just how stressed out he really is, and just how far he would go to make Marilla and Anne’s life, as he would believe, more comfortable. It would have done the very opposite had he gone through with the act.

The Future of Green Gables

Here is what I am hoping for, as somebody who has never read the books or seen any other adaptation. As a stand-alone series, this is what I myself would like to happen. These may seem like obvious observations, but it’s just one opinion.

  • Gilbert’s Return – I want Gilbert Blythe to come back. Not just for Anne’s sake but for Marilla’s. I think it would be quite cathartic for her to be able to speak with him some more. She already sees herself in Anne, and for her to have the life she never had would be great for her to see.
  • Jerry’s Family – I would like to meet the rest of his family, if it is possible to do so. I think it would be interesting to see how his family would react to Anne. It’s quite obvious they have a sibling like bond. However, Jerry has a lot of siblings so it would be interesting to see if they took to her the same way he, eventually, has.
  • Why Anne has so Much Hope – I want to see the moment that Anne got this courage and this hope. There must have been someone or something that gave her the confidence she has. The hope she has. The life she has had you would have been miserable so what makes Anne so Anne.
  • More Heroics – I want to see more of Anne defying the odds. She has already fought fires, saved lives, but I still want more.
  • Jeannie – More Jeannie, I think she is lovely and a perfect match for Matthew.
  • Young Marilla and Matthew – I would like to see more of their family life and see if that has had any reflection on the way they are raising Anne. Were their parents strict? Did they always want them to have the farm? What was Michael like?
  • More of Everything and Everyone – I just love it all. I want more of Aunt Josephine, more Rachel and Marilla moments, more belle. I just want more Green Gables right now.

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