Writer’s Block | A Writer’s Worst Nightmare, or is it?

Writer’s Block Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

So the last blog I wrote was in the latter part of April. It has been a whole month since I have but fingers to keyboard and written something for myself. My job involves a lot of blog writing for other people. It means that I struggle to sit down and write for me because that’s all I have been doing for the past 8 hours. This past month, rather this year so far has been really difficult. I thought that 2016 was a bad year and 2017 will be the year that makes me. So far I have experienced difficulties with my work, sickness in the family and; stress, destruction and distraction that I have never had to experience before.

I don’t want this to become a rambling blog where I moan and groan about the current state of affairs that my life has found itself in. I wanted this blog, and still want this blog, to be a place of positivity. A place I know I can come to and find joy in the little things. I also wanted this to be a place where I can discuss my travels. I have got three blogs that I need to upload that date back to may. One is about going home, one is about going to Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln and the last one is about my trip to London for my birthday.

Before I discuss this any further I wanted to talk more about writer’s block, what it is and how to overcome it.

Writer’s Block Advice and Tips Moving Forward

Writers block can occur at any given time and it is usually associated with authors. It is when you lose the ability to produce any new work or have a creative shutdown. It can range from not being able to produce any creative ideas to not being able to work for a number of years. In my opinion writer’s block can be linked to your mental and emotional state. If you are feeling defeated, unmotivated, depressed, and anxious it can cause you to put a hold on all things that make you happy. Being creative and being productive are things that make me happy. It gives me a purpose and when I can’t do those things it becomes a cycle.

There are things that I have found to be helpful with writer’s block or being in a creative slump. So here are my personal tips for overcoming that block:-

  1. Write – This may seem stupid but if you are stuck for ideas or you feel that you cannot write anything else, change the topic. Think about something completely different. Find a new stimulus, even if it is something completely unrelated and will not be beneficial to you at that moment in time. It will get your mind motivated to think about something new, if that makes sense? You’ll be able to look at your project from a different angle and have new ideas.
  2. Walking – Walks are the perfect time to get out of your head and to get outside to think. It may seem obvious but putting yourself in a different environment can inspire you. It will give you the time and space you need to think more about things without keeping you boxed in. Also you may experience something new, or meet somebody new and that could spark your creativity.
  3. Documentaries – I find that watching documentaries about real life or art inspire me to be creative and to think creatively about the things I am setting my mind on. At the moment I have just finished watching The Keepers on Netflix. It is eye opening and inspiring and makes me want to do better and better. I could write a whole review about this but I’ll keep it short.
  4. Routine – For me having a routine makes me feel like I have to get something done. Even if what I am doing isn’t exactly my best work, I feel that sense of achievement when it’s done. It is that feeling that motivates me to keep doing work. After I have written this I am going to feel so much better. It’s that feeling of accomplishment that will make me want to write a hundred more blog posts. So incorporating writing or drawing or anything that you want to do into your routine makes it so much easier to do it.

Overcoming Writer’s Block in The 21st Century

Having writer’s block in an age where you have the world at your fingertips is very difficult. A lot have people have said that best way to overcome procrastination is to do all the things you want to do and then focus on the project you need to do. However, it is hard when you are procrastinating from a project that you actually want to do. That’s the hardest part, you want so badly to sit down and write something but nothing comes to mind. I think that is why it is important to create some sort of routine for yourself. So that no matter what you have something to focus on. Something to be motivated for.

Moving forward with this blog I want to start writing more about my opinions, the things I am passionate about. I want to write about books, tv, film, theatre, art everything I love. I think that I tried to make this blog something that it is not. I tried to keep a distance between myself and the things I post. Although what I have posted have been personal experiences, I have been writing them with the mind set of ‘what will other people think?’ I need to stop that and think about myself, be a little selfish with my blog. So you are going to start to see some changes.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block | A Writer’s Worst Nightmare, or is it?

  1. amyleebell says:

    I frequently take breaks from my blog when life sneaks up on me. When I write for my blog, I want to enjoy it – not see it as just another chore in my life. But after taking a nice, long break, I always come back with a vengeance!

    And you’re definitely right – nobody wants to read a blog where the author does nothing but complain. However, if you’re generally a happy person, or you just need a quick pick-me-up, it’s actually refreshing when you’re honest with your readers. I think you will find a lot of support.

    Your first tip is a good one: write. When I don’t know what to write, I start out by writing something like: “Well, I can’t think of anything to write. Even though I’m supposed to do this prompt with my sister. I only need 500 words, and I don’t have anything at all. She’s probably finished with hers already. I wonder what she wrote about…” Or some such nonsense. I always come up with something in the first couple of minutes. I allow my insecurities and meandering to write a story for me.

    I love your second tip! Walking always sends me off thinking about something random. I usually walk up to our high school and back. It seems that I have my best ideas when I’m the farthest away from home, but by the time I get back, I’ve forgotten all about it!! Maybe I should just walk around the block over and over until something strikes me, and then just come in and write it down, lol.

    Documentaries: I like to be inspired by a lot of different things. Not sure I ever thought of documentaries though. Museums and newspapers I’ve thought of. Science magazines and flea markets are always a good start too.

    Funny what people say about procrastination. I always do the opposite: get my unwanted chores and projects done first – then I have an uncluttered and relaxed mind. It helps me focus better on the things that I’m looking forward to because I’m not distracted by my responsibilities. Kind of like eating your broccoli first and saving dessert for last, lol.

    • l4u74 says:

      Firstly I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for leaving a genuine response, since I have started writing this blog you are the first person to comment actual feedback and relate to my article.
      Secondly, wow! It’s like you read my mind. I do not want this blog to become a chore. So far it has felt like I have been neglecting it and I think that if a keep a constant flow of ideas going it won’t get boring.
      I am so glad you agree with my first tip, finding something to write about just to get the juices flowing is so important. Even if it starts of as nothing it can become something.
      If you feel like you are forgetting the ideas you have on your walk, maybe take a notepad with you. Or you could keep a memo on your phone. I used to do that but I would write it like short bullet points.
      Museums are a great source of inspiration. I never thought to pick up a science magazine but maybe I’ll do that. I think that if you have a lot of places to get inspiration from your less likely to get writer’s block.
      I used to do all my chores first and the focus on what I wanted to do but I read somewhere that if you do the things you want to do right away it frees up your mind to think about the project you need to focus on. I think it also helps with not rushing things, like with broccoli. If you say ‘eat all your greens and then you can have dessert’ you might eat them as fast as you can to get it over with and that might not be good for you in the long run. So have tour dessert, life’s too short 🙂

      • amyleebell says:

        You’re welcome for the interaction! It was a great article, and deserves a thoughtful response. I think it’s silly to leave one or two sentence comments, unless you’re just trying to give a shout out to the author.

        If I don’t have anything interesting to say, I usually just try to move on, lol. I think my favorite thing about blogging is the potential for engaging conversation and debate.

        Thank you so much for the idea about taking a notepad with me on my walks! Honestly, that would NEVER have occurred to me. I don’t like to carry anything ever, not so much as a purse. I can’t relax if I have to hang on to anything, lol. BUT, I do have some very small notepads that I could tuck into a pocket. Now I just need to find some really short pens – I think I saw some at the Dollar Tree.

        I like science magazines because they talk so much about theoretical science or recent breakthroughs. I like to imagine the new things that those discoveries might open up to us as a culture. It’s great for writing science fiction bc my ideas will never actually line up with reality. I don’t know enough about science to actually guess and get it right, lol.

        Yep, life is certainly short. I’m trying to cut out all of the non-essentials to leave more room for things I like doing, such as blogging. Every once in a while, I have to take stock of my life and purge out anything that’s dragging me down. I have done that recently, so it should be a great summer!

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