Visiting Scarborough | Spending Easter in Scarborough

Spending Easter with My Girlfriend and Her Family

So the weekend just gone was Easter weekend. I knew that my girlfriend wanted to go home to visit her family. I, however, was unsure of going. Originally I wanted to stay at home, purely for the selfish reason that I wanted to spend time on my own. I have always been a person that enjoys being on her own. That’s not to say I do not love spending time with my girlfriend or her family. It simply means that I need time alone. There are certain things I feel more comfortable doing when I’m alone. Reading a book, writing a blog entry, painting etc. Anything that means I will not be talking to that person for a lengthy amount of time.

149H.jpgI feel that when I am with someone, I should be spending time with them. Giving them my undivided attention. So if were to read a book when I am in the company of a friend or family member I feel like I am being ignorant. I would rather lock myself away in my room for a few hours than sit in front of someone and read or paint. The trouble with this is that people find shutting yourself in your room more ignorant than reading a book in front of them.

My girlfriend and I live together so I find it difficult to get any sort of alone time. That’s not to say I don’t love spending time with her. As I said previously, this decision to stay home was very selfish. Especially when I know that my girlfriend has always travelled home with me when I have asked her. And I wanted to see her family again, it would be the first time that I got to spend time with all her family together at once.

Travelling To Scarborough for the Weekend

So on Good Friday we packed our bags and began our travels to Scarborough. It was a fairly sunny day when we left. Although, I did pack three jumpers for our four day stay because I knew how cold it would get. I was lucky I did because it started to rain whilst we were travelling.


The rain on the train stays mainly on the train…

I had been to Scarborough before. In the summer of last year when my girlfriend and I we were in a long distance relationship. The only way I would get to see her was to make the 5 hour journey from Northampton to Scarborough. We got through it though and vowed to never have to go that long without seeing each other again. The visit last year was the first time I had ever visited a beach in England. Rather a visit to a beach in England that I could actually remember.


This year we did not go to the beach. Instead we spent a lot of time in her family home. It was great spending time with her and her family. Her mum and dad cooked amazing food over the weekend and we won lots of mini Easter eggs during the Easter egg hunt. Her family have a fairly new Easter tradition of hosting an Easter quiz. Whoever wins has to devise the quiz for the next year. I of course came last because her family are legitimate geniuses.


The Bike Incident

On the day we were leaving my girlfriend wanted to bring her bike home with her. We went to the garage to look for her bike, we found that the bike had been stole. This was of course distressing for the whole family. A plea has since been put onto Facebook asking for any information about the bikes and to be vigilant when it comes to your properties safety.


The view on our travels home.

After the upset we had a lovely Sunday roast and played some games with the whole family. It was really fun and before we left were given food for the journey and Easter eggs from the whole family. I think we now have enough chocolate to last a lifetime…maybe two weeks.


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