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Travel Blog Begins In Sunny Manchester

For a large percentage of my life that has been spent online I have always admired a good travel blog. Well, I say admire, it’s more envy. I look at all the beautiful pictures of people travelling around the world and I want that. So with that in mind, I have decided to start a travel blog section.

These blogs are not going to be anywhere near as fancy as some of the other travel blogs out there but I think it will be good for me to write about my experiences. Travelling to different destinations makes me happy. Let me rephrase that as well, visiting different destinations makes me happy. The travelling part not so much. I don’t know how you can write a travel blog and not talk about the actual event of travel itself.

Travelling causes a lot of panic for me. I get worried that I haven’t got my ticket, I get worried I am on the wrong train, what if I get a taxi and it goes the wrong way, bus drivers not letting me on, missing my stop, etc. Oddly enough the only mode of transportation I haven’t been worried about as of yet has been flying and ferry. I think this is because I haven’t needed to fly or sail on my own. I have always had people with me to hold my tickets, make sure we get there on time and all the other important things.

Where Will This Blog Take Me

I really like flying, my dad fly’s a lot and he never gets worried about it so I think got passed down to  me. The fact that you can be in your own space and look out the window and see how small everything is. It makes you think differently about a lot of things. Gives you perspective.

So this travel blog has been mostly about my anxieties with travelling. That is not what I want it to be. I want to talk more about the positive sides of travelling. So for example recently I travelled to Manchester with the LPAC Producers.

The LPAC Producers are a group of young people aged 16-25 who work alongside the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre to producer, programme and commission performances for the theatre. I have been with the group for nearly a year now and have managed to take part in some incredible projects.

I have been able to work closely with artist at the Newvolutions festival, I also had the opportunity of helping with the FreshArts Fayre last year including getting to design the flyers and poster. LPAC Producers has opened up a lot of doors for me, doors I didn’t know existed and I am so grateful. It is a really important group to be a part of if you want knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes.

Manchester Theatre Scene

Our most recently venture took us to sunny Manchester. Yes, I’m not lying it was sunny and it was beautiful. As a group we decided to go to Manchester because we know that they have a much bigger theatre scene because it’s a bigger city. Also because they have a lot of opportunities to create new, upcoming theatre. We went to the Contact Theatre. Which looked amazing. It was like a massive a castle. I’ll put the picture below so you can see what I mean. We spoke to the people who run the theatre and they told us all about the different projects they run.


Contact Theatre in Manchester

We also go to take a tour of the Royal Exchange Theatre. It was amazing to hear about how much work goes into putting on just one show. The theatre has a lot of history behind it. It used to be a cotton trade centre and many years ago a bomb hit it. However, one of the things that survived was the trading sign board. It stopped on certain dates and times and the fixture hasn’t been touched since.


Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester

All of us got a chance to look around the Manchester Museum. It displayed a lot of natural history and archaeology which was interesting to look at and read about. Lastly, we went back to the Contact Theatre to watch a performance called There Is A Light it had been created by a group of young theatre makers based at the Contact in collaboration with Brightlight. It was a great piece of theatre that highlighted the effects of cancer between the ages of 13-25.

What I Got From The Experience

I had a great time meeting so many different people and understanding their roles within the different theatres. It was also good to see how so many young people were making their mark in the theatre world and trying to make a difference. Hearing some of the stories of people. How they got to where they are today was really inspiring and motivating. It gave us all a lot to think about with how we proceed with LPAC Producers.

For me as well it was nice to just be in a different location. I had never been to Manchester before. It’s a big city that has a lot to offer but also architecturally it’s stunning. Everything is so big and then once you get home you just sort of think ‘I was there, I was a part of that crowd’. That’s what I like about travelling. Even though for most people it’s just another day in another city for others it’s a big deal.

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