Express Yourself | How Writing Will Help In The Long Run

Got a lot on your mind? I think we all do, with the current crisis across the globe to just not wanting to go work, we all have our problems. Is there a way to help? Well, yes. Writing can help or keeping a diary. Having outlets to express yourself can always be helpful.

Having one place to consolidate all your thoughts and feelings can be useful. It is useful in the way of unlocking other thoughts and feelings you didn’t know you had or felt. You can find things out about yourself.  People will have different ways of expressing themselves. Some will choose art, music, dance, exercise etc. Finding the best way to express yourself can be a tricky one. So I have conducted some research and compiled a list of why writing is the best way. In my opinion.

Why Express Yourself Through Writing?

  1. Writing Clarifies Things – Some people might read this and think I mean clears things up. I don’t. I have used the word clarify for a reason. If you are uncertain about a situation or yourself, writing it down can clarify the details. It can make you think more in depth about yourself and all you to see things in a new light.
  2. Writing Helps You Sleep – If you have been under a lot of stress and you haven’t been getting enough sleep, write about it. It is a great way to express yourself and relieve any tension of stress you may have been feeling throughout the day so that you can sleep better at night.
  3. Writing Can Benefit Your Health – Writing can benefit you in so many ways and one of those ways is your health. If you suffer from asthma writing can elevate that. The actual act of writing forces you to take deeper breaths which can help with breathing problems.
  4. Writing Removes Anger – Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper or typing them up can be a good way of expressing any anger you have pent up. It’s a way of releasing tension. It also means that having writing as an outlet you are letting out in a controlled and harmless way.

How Writing Has Helped Me Already

After having read through the research I was particularly interest in how writing can help with anger. In the past couple of months I thought I had been feeling stressed. Which I had, I had been under a lot of stress at work, stress with money, relationships, hobbies and all sorts of things. However, yesterday when I was thinking about everything I realized how angry I was. Angry at how stressed I had let myself become. Angry that other people were not as stressed as I was. Angry that I couldn’t change how I felt.

I think that by having this blog I have already become more reflective. I can see how things have been affecting me and I can look for new ways to change that. Writing for me is the best way to express myself. Finding a way to express yourself is the next thing. I used to paint but I haven’t painted anything for way over a year. Writing now feels like the right thing for me.

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