Successful Blogs | All Blogs Have to Start Somewhere

What makes blogs successful? Who says that successful blogs exist? Of course for a lot of people the idea of a blog being successful stems from notoriety, quality of content and engagement. This will be the first blog post I write for my own blog. However, I have written blogs before just not in this capacity.

From what I have read, successful blogs begin with a niche. They have a certain hook or identity that they use to brand their blog but when your blog is about fashion or cars, for example, that is very easy. What I want to know is how people can define a blog as successful when it is a personal blog. If you are writing about yourself, your own experiences and your own thoughts how can that be deemed successful?

Successful Blogs and How To Start Them

Having researched the topic I have found an article that discusses 15 reasons as to why you start writing a blog by Joshua Becker. The article, as you may be able to tell from the title, talks about why you should start a blog. There were a few that stuck out to me.

  1. You will be a better writer – Practice makes perfect. If you are writing everyday then you will become better every day. It will give you a chance to learn new things and delve into territories you thought you never would.
  2. You will become more confident – You will be able to push the boundaries more. The more your audience grows the more confident you will become. Not just I writing but in life. It is interesting how having a platform like this can affect your everyday life.
  3. You will live a more intentional life – This stood out to me quite a bit. The more you write about yourself and your thoughts the more you think about your intentions. It can change who you are as a person.

What Will My Niche Be?

That last comment has really stuck with me. It has made me question why I have even started a blog. Now that I have had time to think about it, I think well in fact, I know that I have started this blog to become more positive. My personality can tend be quite sarcastic, judgmental and fairly realist. I want to try and change that. I want to be a more positive person and have a positive outlook on life. It’s one thing telling yourself that everything will be fine but it is very different to actually taking the action to make everything fine.

At the moment I don’t know what this blog will become. Whether it ends up on a list of successful blogs or it just ends up being my personal diary, I know I want it to become something. And I think that’s what my definition has become. If I can take anything away from this, if it helps me in anyway then I know it has been a success for me.

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